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Vegas Srl – the company that owns the Accapi trademark – was founded in 1984 by Claudio Chiaruttini, after gaining considerable experience at Chiaruttini Bruno sock manufacturing company that his father established in the 1950s. Headquartered in Rezzato (BS), Vegas specializes in the production of technically sophisticated and scientifically verified high-end socks for all sports.


As early as the 1990s, the company developed their own original patents, deciding to diversify the supply side and establish a strong market intially in Italy and subsequently across all of Europe.


Continued attention to innovation led Chiaruttini to know about Nexus fibre, a revolutionary Japanese yarn with unique properties such as emitting natural and constant infrared radiation, able to interact with body fluids and muscles. Realising the potential of this new technology in the sports field, Accapi acquires the rights for Nexus' exclusive use.


Accapi Nexus is committed to research programs in close collaboration with prestigious Italian and other overseas universities confirming the efficacy of Nexus fiber in sports and well-being. Studies carried out in 2008 established the orthopedic support the BodyGuard line offered and soon got the line registered under “Medical Devices” by the Ministry of Health, opening up new potential utilization opportunities.


The constant research and commitment have enabled the recognition and appreciation of Accapi products by highly skilled and demanding professionals.

DI BELLO SAS is a family-run business established in 1990, manufacturing soles, initially with 10 basic products. Soon, the company invested in materials and machinery to increase the range and production capacity. The LINEA ITALIA brand was created to supply for shops selling shoes and footwear accessories.


The TECNOPED brand was born in 1998 to address the need for anatomical and orthopedic insoles. The research of appropriate composite materials was a key element and the first insoles were developed using Airfoam, a thermo-formable but transpiring material.


Di Bello SAS with Paragon group and in collaboration with important centers of research started a research program in physiological ambit and the SUPERFIT® fabric was born in 2001 and incorporated into Tecnoped product lines.


Throughout the 2000s investments were made in specific new machineries and the production of compounds completely automated in 2009 to have precise control of all components.


2010 saw the beginning of its new TECNOPED SPORT lines of insoles with the main objective of offering a high quality line of products, engineered for each sport. New materials such as AirFiber, Air-Latex, in combination with the initial Airfoam, Kevlar Carbon fiber and SUPERFIT offer unique results in terms of lightness, plantar support and also breathability.


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