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Nexus Energy Source is a unique revolutionary and worldwide patented textile fibre, thanks to its inner particles of platinum, titanium and aluminium, it is able to produce a natural and constant infrared emission at the wavelength between 4 and 14 micron, corresponding to the FIR – Far InfraRed.

The effect of the Far Infrared ray emitted by Nexus fibre is to excite the water molecules in the organism, enabling a quicker break of hydrogen bonds that bond them. Smaller and quicker the molecules then speed up the biochemical intra and extracellular processes.

The infrared rays have a therapeutic action on the human body and the principal effect that can be obtained with the use of  NEXUS fibre are the following:

• better blood circulation

• higher muscular oxygenation

• optimization of thermoregulation and thermogenesis processes

• muscular relaxation

• faster expulsion of waste (eg. lactic acid)

• reduction of recovery time and post-exercise pain

The below Diagrams demonstrate of the Far Infrared Ray on the body:

Before: Blood vessel without exposure to Far Infrared. The water clusters are larger and the blood vessel is not expanded so the hydration capacity and circulation remain unaltered.

After: Blood vessel with exposure to Far Infrared. The water molecules in the blood are broken into smaller clusters and the blood vessel has expanded. The smaller clusters are able to move freely providing better hydration and increased circulation.

Important Universities and Research Institutes have done specific researches on the properties and characteristics of this fibre, confirming its efficacy on human body, through sport and rest.


Crystal Trama™ functional weaving is the patent developed by the Accapi Laboratory, to give more precise synergies and efficacy to the different active fibres and functional textile structures of its garments.

Crystal Trama™ technology allows characterizing the two sides of the fabric with amply specialized and differentiated textile architectures. This way Diamond offers those who wear it two souls active in different ways.

The inner soul: the software

A lightweight and strong, comfortable and opaque soul in soft contact with the skin, designed around your strength, programmed to follow and support your movements.

The outer soul: the hardware

A fully-equipped shell of light to interact with your surroundings. A shiny and reactive outer hardware that incorporates, activates and compacts all energy.

Equilibrium Technology (EQT) is an innovative technology and the result of ACCAPI research that offers significantly increased postural stability of the body, with a faster and more effective capacity of reaction to loss of balance, even in dynamic activities or under the action of destabilizing forces and pressure.

Dynamic postural stability allows the human body to correctly apply its force in all positions required by a wide variety of motor activities, in particular athletic and competitive ones, where greater control over it can clearly guarantee improved performances and new results. In addition, the positive action of EQT facilitates and improves stretching.

SWC recommends the usage of EQT Garment for some of the sports mentioned below and please do not hesitate to contact us for some advise:

• Some Athletics disciplines

• Some Gymnastics disciplines

• Yoga

• Golf

• Fencing

• Archery

EQT garments – when the body balance and posture is more important that the physical performance and power.

TECNOPED innovation is the result of years of studying foot problems and various materials to engineer the perfect insoles for each sport or daily activities. The unique combination of such materials with the specific insole structure offers:

• Extreme lightness

• Extreme breathability

• Extreme comfort

• The right Plantar solution


SUPERFIT® acts as a protective shield (potentially up to 70%) from electromagnetic fields. It reduces the formation of lactic acid, favors good blood circulation and maintains under control the cardiac frequency.

SUPERFIT® reduces the formation of free radicals and slows down the process of cellular aging.


Among the unique materials used by Tecnoped besides SUPERFIT:



Memory Foam (Polyurethane open cell) with high absorption, high resistance to compression (after 100.000 compressions, it loses only 8.64% of its density, Latex loses 30.1%). It dries very quickly (200 faster than latex).


KEVLAR Carbon Fiber is used for plantar support as offering lightness, rigidity and flexibility characteristics without losing its property over time. A common material used in many high quality professional products such as bicycle frame for example.



This new Latex material is an Open Cell Latex offering the missing breathability capability of any common Latex. It also exists two very different versions - Propulsion when placed on the forefoot and Antichoc when place at the heel.



This new fabric helps to bring lightness, breathability but also semi-rigid capability for Plantar support.



Natural compressed WOOL is used for some insoles as the perfect natural insulator to keep the foot warm



A special composite fabric helping to drain moisture faster and avoiding foot to overheat. It helps to reduce the formation of Blisters.


Vanadium — 150μg/L

Vanadium can be found in air, food and medicine. Showered by thousands of year’s rainfall and snow, Fujiyama Mountain is the only one with abundant ionic vanadium in natural water. According to different well known medical organization, Vanadium helps regulate blood glucose, cholesterol, Uric Acid, etc.


Boron — 0.33mg/L

Calcium — 2.9mg/L

Sodium — 82mg/L

Potassium — 15mg/L

Magnesium — 10mg/L







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Vanadium, Iron, zinc, boron, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, potassium, etc are essential microelement essential to human’s health. They can be absorbed through vegetable, meat, bread or other types of food. The absorption rate from food is only around 10-30%, which is way not enough for human body.

However, when they come from our drinking water (in ironic status), the absorption rate of microelement can go to more than 90%.

Information provided by World Health Organization

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