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  • Result of Far Infrared emission study

    Dr. Renzo Grassi

    University of PIsa Dept. of Physics Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Science

    The results of this test confirm how the emission of infrared rays varies according to the variation in temperature. However in every case the infrared emission by the Nexus fabric was always higher on average than a normal polyester fabric, and much higher than a cotton fabric. Further tests repeated at variable temperatures and humidities confirm that, when the conditionc of examination change, there are no variations in the characteristics of the Nexus fabrics, which is not affected by thermal strain nor are its capacities of emission reduced. The capacity of the Nexus tissue to boost the evaporation of humidity (sweat) is clearly greater.

  • Photonic Emission Test

    Tohoku Electronic Industrial Inc. (Japan)

    Measured by Chemiluminescence Analyzer and proving the superioty of the NEXUS ES fiber in terms of natural and consistant Photonic emission.

  • Nexus ES used in Rehabilitation Field – Study 1

    E. Giannini

    Centro di Scienzi Motorie e Riabilitazione Funzionale “Kinetic” – Pisa (Italy)

    M. Michelotti

    Casa di cura san Rossore – Pisa (Italy)

    Method: 61 patients, attending at the same rehabilitation centre, after the same operation performed by the same surgeon have been randomized in 2 groups: the 1st group (26) used the NEXUS ES knee-pad and the control group (35) used a knee-pad indistinguishable for the patients.

    Results: as expected, pain (measured by a 0-10 VAS) decreases in both group from period A (1-3 days after operation) to period B (8-12 days after operation). Differences between groups appear statisticaly significant 1-3 days after operation (25%) and more clearly 8-10 days after operation (68%) with a lower pain perception in the Nexus ES group.

    Conclusion: patients in the Nexus ES group show a lower pain perception after operation and improvement of tissue exchanges and oxygination.

  • Nexus ES used in Rehabilitation Field – Study 2

    Dr Villiam Amighetti

    Sports Doctor and Biomechanical Consultant

    2,500 thermographic images were produced carried out on athletes in different discplines proving “important and significant signals of regulation and maintenance of the body temperature, coming from the Nexus fabric”. Compared with similar of placebo grament, has resulted in a clear improvement in the pathology condition and immediate relaxation of  the constricted fibres.”

  • Blood Circulation

    Naha City Hospital  Okinawa, Japan

    A clinical study was conducted on NEXUS ENERGY SOURCE Fiber Pads to determine their efficacy on improving blood circulation, their safety and their usefulness.

    The subjects of the study consisted of 30 patients currently hospitalized for injuries or chronic regressive diseases in the department of orthopedic surgery(17 males and 13 females), and 20 healthy volunteers (6 males and 14 females) for comparison, and inter-group comparisons were made in the form of a double-blind study. In addition, the effects on the body (safety) were assessed stochastically by measuring blood pressure and performing clinical laboratory tests before and after using the NEXUS ENERGY SOURCE Fiber Pads, the results of which are indicated below.

    1. Efficacy  In the inter-group comparison, significant differences were indicated after 60 minutes of use among the patients and after 30 minutes of use among the healthy volunteers. There were no significant difference observed between gender or age, and the NEXUS ENERGY SOURCE Fiber Pads were confirmed to exhibit efficacy in the overall evaluation.

    2. Safety  As a result, there were no significant differences observed, and there were confirmed to be no effects on the body.

    3. Usefulness  As was confirmed for efficacy and safety in sections 1 and 2, NEXUS ENERGY SOURCE Fiber Pads were able to be demonstrated to be useful for improving blood circulation in the human body.

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